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May 7, 2010

FSX Friday Update

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The Family Stock Index ended down 5.3% during a dramatic week in the financial markets, closing at 992.45 and losing all the gains made since inception.  The S&P 500 lost 6.6% this week following yesterday’s breathtaking if brief plunge.  I was actually watching while the Dow was dropping 50 points every five seconds and I almost saw it print a 1000-point decline, which would have been awesome.  I had to leave to pick up the girls at 2:47 on Thursday just as the market was bottoming (DJIA -987), and I called Katie as soon as I got on the road to see where the market was.  Less than three minutes had passed and the decline was only 650, and it was 550 when I got off the phone a minute later.  Craziness.  Electronic off-exchange trading may not be the best solution from a market stability standpoint but it sure makes for great television.  What is up with Europe, by the way?  Don’t they know only the USA can spend infinity moneys with no tax increases and no inflation?  Quit your whining, Greeks.  You’re going to make the Germans angry and nobody wants that, Germans least of all.

Top three ex-Icarus:

Lucas (LEI) +10.8% (yes, Lucas wins again)

Mario (BRTHY) +0.9% (slow and steady wins the race, almost)

Lisa (KG) -2.1% (that’s right, the third-best performer in the index was down more than 2%)

Bottom three:

Wilson (WILC) -10.7% (he’s getting a doggy diaper because options A and B were death and no inside ever again)

Marisa (HUN) -13.1% (Pet Nasty War fallout spreads)

Justin (THOR) -13.3% (the market remembered that journalists don’t make any money until they are famous enough to quit being journalists)

Nicole, Marcus and I were all down more than 10% as well.  Here are the numbers:


Name 5/7/10 Change
Charlotte $7.10 -$0.40
Dustin $40.08 -$2.37
Icarus $0.05 $0.005
Jenny $0.23 -$0.02
Jo-Jo $30.26 -$2.78
Justin $38.81 -$5.95
Katie $20.95 -$1.65
Lee $3.40 -$0.38
Lisa $9.59 -$0.21
Lucas $2.26 $0.22
Lulu $35.82 -$1.80
Machis $7.66 -$0.39
Marcus $11.53 -$1.32
Mario $117.75 $1.00
Marisa $9.92 -$1.49
Nicole $28.51 -$3.30
Reagan $23.58 -$1.95
Wilson $5.42 -$0.65
Zero $0.47 -$0.02

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