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May 1, 2010

FSX Friday Update On Saturday

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This week was all about differentiation within the Family Stock Index, with some phenomenal performers and some phenomenal stinkers.  The FSX closed on 4/30 at 1048.47, and its five-day gain of 2.0% was in contrast to the 2.5% drop in the S&P 500 over that time.  I would attribute this outperformance primarily to the FSX being underweight financials relative to the S&P, but maybe it’s just that my family is awesomer than yours.  Also, if anyone is wondering whether Goldman Sachs is a buy here at $145, the answer is NO.  The jig is up.  GS is not a value play, it is a falling knife.  Someone’s got to take the fall, fair or unfair.  Maybe JPM and MS are just as guilty but I don’t think it’s going to matter.  Arthur Andersen, anyone?

Most up:

  • LEI (Lucas) +66% (On top of 14% last week.  Did he perfect cold fusion recently?)
  • THOR (Justin) +30% (The market likes journalism?  Since when?)
  • WILC (Wilson) +3.9% (The market is betting Lulu will be the focus of the Pet Nasty War.  I wouldn’t be so sure.)

Most down:

  • JOE (Jo-Jo) -9.8% (Maybe the chicken is planning something nefarious.)
  • LEE -12.7% (The market doesn’t like my prospects in the Pet Nasty War.)
  • LULU -13.8% (It likes hers even less.)

Here are the details for those interested:


Name 4/30/10 Change
Charlotte $7.50 -$0.30
Dustin $42.45 -$2.24
Icarus $0.045 $0.00
Jenny $0.25 -$0.01
Jo-Jo $33.04 -$3.58
Justin $44.76 $10.41
Katie $22.60 $0.76
Lee $3.78 -$0.55
Lisa $9.80 -$0.64
Lucas $2.04 $0.81
Lulu $37.62 -$6.02
Machis $8.05 -$0.30
Marcus $12.85 -$0.86
Mario $116.75 $1.00
Marisa $11.41 -$0.50
Nicole $31.81 -$1.32
Reagan $25.53 $0.76
Wilson $6.07 $0.23
Zero $0.49 -$0.01

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