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April 28, 2010

Third Basement War Begins

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When the final history of this conflict is written, I believe it will be seen as a series of wars similar to the Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage.  The first Basement War, chronicled in detail already, was the War against the Spiders (the infestation itself as well as its refuse infrastructure).  The second Basement War, now nearly complete (though not entirely) is the War against Junk.  The Battle of Bulk Pickup waged this past Sunday and Monday was the defining battle of the second Basement War.  I still have to attack the reserve refrigerator in the unfinished room and bring it to heel before this second phase of the broader conflict can be considered over; that is easier said than done, as I will describe when I am preparing to launch the assault Thursday evening.  The third Basement War begins this morning.  This time I will blister the basement with excoriating cleanliness on a such a scale as has never before been attempted in the history of the Pfaff.  I don’t know what awaits me; it may be that I will rouse ancient creatures that have slumbered in the darkness since the foundation itself was laid.  I shall keep my wits about me, of course, and I’ve yet to meet a creature that much cared for a punch in the face or bleach in the eyes.  First things first: a second cup of coffee and the dishes from last night.


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  1. You’ve got what it takes.

    Comment by Charlotte — April 28, 2010 @ 17:58 | Reply

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