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April 25, 2010

Front Porch – Victory and Defeat

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On the yes side, the porch situation has returned to normal.  Yesterday I saw a small spider on the porch banister.  He paused to look at me meaningfully, then he continued on about his repugnant business.  It is significant that the spider ambassador was small and conventional in his appearance.  I take this to mean that the yard spiders have accepted the revised status of the porch and the peace between us will endure.   I’m grateful to the spiders that they decided to take the high road, perhaps recognizing how much I suck at magnanimity.  I admit that part of me would have welcomed a wider war but it simply wouldn’t have been prudent.  I have cats to vanquish, after all.  A spider-cat entente would be a disastrous development.

On the no side, the porch situation has returned to normal.  Mud was smeared all over the banisters when I walked out this morning.  I was bemoaning the wind having blown the dirt onto the porch as it had obviously done when Reagan admitted that she and Jenny were responsible for the mess.  They found some dirt in the grass yesterday and smashed it into the front walk, then loitered around on the porch just long enough to touch everything with their muddy hands.  I think that dirt is something you find pretty easily if you’re looking for it, and if not then not.  Nevertheless, Reagan could have stayed silent and I’d have been none the wiser, and she did the right thing.  That earns her clemency this time.  Also I realized the stupid fat cat was responsible for the door frame that she had clearly climbed and dirtied.


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  1. Spending my sick day catching up on your blog dear Brother-in-law… quite an interesting read (although your FSX had me baffled for a bit… until I went back and read the post explaining it all 😉
    Glad the basement war was a victory… I have my own secret basement demons to address once my job ends (one more month to go).

    Comment by Lisa — April 26, 2010 @ 12:14 | Reply

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