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April 10, 2010

Family Stock Index – First Group

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I found six stocks that fit under what I called option #1 in my introduction to the FSX.

Component #1: Lee Enterprises, ticker symbol LEE, representing me. This is a no-brainer, so straightforward it’s irritating.  I thought about using General Dynamics instead because I’m a general (marechal now) in the Pfaff Empire and also because the ticker symbol is GD.  But I went with LEE instead.

Business: Newspaper publishing

Shares outstanding: 39.1 million

April 9 price: $3.54

Market value: $138 million

Component #2: Marcus Corporation, ticker symbol MCS, representing my brother Marcus.  This one is another obvious pick.  Lee Enterprises and Marcus Corporation don’t even sound like real companies.  It’s like I could just walk into a board meeting of Lee Enterprises and they would say “who are you?” and I would say “I’m Lee” and they would say “Okay, nice to meet you, I guess you’re in charge.”

Business: Operates hotels and theaters

Shares outstanding: 21 million

April 9 price: $13.51

Market value: $284 million

Component #3: KT Corporation, ticker symbol KT, representing Général de Division Katie. KT Corporation used to be Korea Telecom, and is the principal telecom service provider in South Korea.  This makes  sense for Katie because she’s on her stupid phoning device constantly.  Katie’s also the most valuable component in the family, as we already knew.

Business: Telecom service provider

Shares outstanding: 522 million

April 9 price: $22.11

Market value: $11.5 billion

Component #4: Lucas Energy, ticker symbol LEI, for my nephew Lucas. He is very energetic.

Business: Oil & gas exploration

Shares outstanding: 11.2 million

April 9 price: $1.08

Market value: $12 million

Component #5: Save The World Air Inc., ticker symbol ZERO, for my Zero. This company makes the Zero Hi-Tech, a device that reduces tailpipe emissions from cars and trucks.  Clearly the ticker symbol is the key in this selection, but the implicit hippie-ness of it is appropriate as well, I think.

Business: Environmental technology

Shares outstanding: 78 million

April 9 price: $0.55

Market value: $43 million

Component #6: Lululemon Athletica, ticker symbol LULU, for the butter cat. This company makes sporting apparel, and while Lulu isn’t very athletic, it would be amusing to put her in a yoga outfit.

Business: Athletic apparel

Shares outstanding: 51.1 million

April 9 price: $43.66

Market value: $2.2 billion



  1. For your Zero.
    Also, one day you will realize that Zero and I are not hippies. But I think you’ll still call us that. Actually, I think you already know we’re not, and you just like to mess with me.

    Comment by Sis — April 10, 2010 @ 16:24 | Reply

    • I’m actually not sure what hippies are, just that you are one.

      Comment by lbej — April 10, 2010 @ 17:33 | Reply

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