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April 10, 2010

Family Stock Index – Final Group

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By this point I’m having to dig deep to figure out something that works on at least some level for the eight folks remaining.

Component #13: Tootie Pie Company, ticker symbol TOOT, for my daughter Jenny. I call her by her actual name most of the time, but I also call her Tooter (more in the past) and Lenny or Len, because she used to write all her Js backwards.  So I thought of using LEN, the ticker symbol for the homebuilder Lennar, but as with CAT, it was a little too recognizable.  Also Tootie Pie is the company I would want to work for if G Willi wasn’t hiring.  It sounds like they make pies from farts.

Business: Pies (seriously)

Shares outstanding: 9.5 million

April 9 price: $0.25

Market value: $2.4 million

Component #14: Brother Industries, ticker symbol BRTHY, for Katie’s brother Mario. This is because Katie calls Mario ‘Brother’ (and he calls her ‘Sister’) a LOT of the time.  I thought about using MAR, which is Marriott Hotels, but that was eliminated out per the CAT rule.  Brother is a Japanese company but it sells office equipment in the US and this is its ADR.

Business: Office equipment

Shares outstanding: 27.8 million

April 9 price: $113.75

Market value: $3.2 billion

Component #15: Tat Technologies, ticker symbol TATT, for my sister Charlotte. This is because she has lots of prominent tattoos.  I said I was reaching–you try it if you’re so smart.

Business: Overhauling industrial heating systems (?)

Shares outstanding: 8.8 million shares

April 9 price: $8.14

Market value: $72 million

Component #16: King Pharmaceuticals, ticker symbol KG, for Dustin’s wife Lisa. This is because she is a big Stephen King fan.  I’m pretty sure.

Business: Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Shares outstanding: 248 million

April 9 price: $11.90

Market value: $3 billion

Component #17: Thoratec Inc., ticker symbol THOR, for my brother Justin. This is not because he is nordic or godlike, but because he is notorious for vandalizing Thor comic books.

Business: Cardiology equipment

Shares outstanding: 57 million

April 9 price: $34.12

Market value: $1.9 billion

Component #18: NICE Systems Inc., ticker symbol NICE, for Justin’s gal Nicole (and for Mario’s girlfriend too). NICE makes stereo equipment and home entertainment products, and I think Nicole #1 uses niceowl as a screen name sometimes, so there you have it.

Business: Consumer electronics

Shares outstanding: 62.5 million

April 9 price: $2 billion

Component #19: Huntsman Corp., ticker symbol HUN, for Marisa the cat. She is an excellent hunter and that’s what I decided to go with.

Business: Industrial chemicals

Shares outstanding: 237 million

April 9 price: $12.36

Market value: $2.9 billion

Component #20: John D. Oil & Gas, ticker symbol JDOG, for Justin’s dog Icarus. I was seriously reaching here on the stock itself and on including Justin’s dog in the index to begin with, but I couldn’t have just 19 components.

Business: Oil & gas exploration

Shares outstanding: 9.1 million

April 9 price: $0.04 (I swear)

Market value $360 thousand

So there you have it.  I will update the index on a weekly basis (some of these stocks won’t trade much more often than that).



  1. One time, man. One time I tore the cover off of Thor #19. In my sleep. I bet that incident finds its way onto my tombstone.
    Good work, though. Out of control.

    Comment by nagarage — April 10, 2010 @ 11:31 | Reply

    • I bet you do it every day. I bet you have a whole box of copies of Thor #19 and you wake up every day and you tear the cover off one. And you think of me.

      Comment by lbej — April 10, 2010 @ 12:15 | Reply

  2. Jenny’s is the best. I also like JDOG.

    Comment by Sis — April 10, 2010 @ 16:17 | Reply

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