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April 6, 2010

Basement War – Day 16

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Yesterday I located an unmanned cardboard recycling station and today I took all the scrapped cardboard–two carloads–to be recycled.  90% of it had already been cleansed and sorted, but there were a few stray boxes left in KS Garage that I attempted to break down.  The enemy launched a black widow from one of the boxes and I blasted it with the wasp killer.  It absorbed the hit and attempted to escape into the driveway through the then-open garage door.  Providence, it seems, chose that moment to bestow upon me a unique teaching opportunity.  I shot the foul thing again, and while it flailed at me, I crushed it with my shoe.  This may not seem to be of particular significance, but in fact it is extremely rare because I don’t touch them. Just because you don’t see the little bastards jumping all around like grasshoppers doesn’t mean they can’t.  But I wanted to do this personal-like.  I wanted this to be a public execution in full view of the yard spiders, now appearing in enormous numbers everywhere I look.  I had already killed a spider in the kitchen this morning, although I just shot him with some pansy ant & roach killer rather than doing him execution-style.  The rogues will be coming–they’re coming already.  I find it can be helpful from time to time to arrange a demonstration to remind them just who exactly in the hell they’re dealing with.

KS Garage is proving quite the quagmire, but I said it will fall this week, and fall it will.  Once I have my personal landfill permit, I’m going to make Kursk look like a crochet convention.



  1. How are your lungs holding up given your proximity to such quantity and variety of artillery?

    Comment by Justin — April 6, 2010 @ 16:39 | Reply

    • I’m doing a better job with the ventilation and the coordination of infantry and artillery. And I was wearing a mask yesterday. I really enjoy the smell, though. It smells, as they say, like victory.

      Comment by lbej — April 6, 2010 @ 18:51 | Reply

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