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April 5, 2010

Basement War – Day 15

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Last Friday’s unplanned reconquest of the Unfinished Room coupled with the planned clearing operations in KS Garage have led to logistical delays as my armies are resupplied and I reshape my strategy.  With three weeks remaining until the bulk pickup, I’m faced with a new challenge.  I am very near to breaking the spiders in KS Garage and I expect it to fall before the end of the week.  But what then?  I have to hold territory that I can’t completely clear and disinfect for up to three weeks.  In the meantime, rogue yard spiders will be infiltrating in force as we move towards summer.  My problem is the reverse of that faced by OKW during Operation Barbarossa: the Wehrmacht was racing against the Russian winter whereas my foe is the North Carolina summer and its coincident bug explosion.  The transition to security operations will be taxing for my men, but I see no alternative apart from cleansing fire.  The imperial general staff continues to resist that option uniformly.

I still plan to recount the pell-mell action of the final day of the Battle of Cardboard Mountain.  I’m gathering my thoughts.


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  1. Just going on record as still resisting the fire plan.

    Comment by Katie — April 5, 2010 @ 10:38 | Reply

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