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March 10, 2010

ECB: Occupational Hazards 2

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Occupational Hazards 2 was a Comic Book Legal Defense Fund collection of vignettes about the comic book industry by some high-profile pros, including Bendis, David Mack, Walt Simonson, Fred Hembeck, Joe Kelly and others.  It’s in the Eternal Comic Box because of the Matt Wagner story, “The Devil’s @$$hole”.  It is probably the funniest thing I’ve ever read, and the drawlings are the best.  Also the typos are fantastic.  I love typos because they annoy Katie.  I’ve never really been into Grendel, probably not for any good reason.  I read #1-12 of the second Comico series, and I kind of hated it.  I don’t like stories where kids get hurt, period, and the Pander Brothers make my teeth hurt.  But maybe I don’t like Grendel because when I read Matt Wagner, I expect high comedy.  “The Devil’s @$$hole” is the reason why–it’s the best.

I just read that last sentence again and now I feel like I’m going to get arrested.  Son of a bisquit!

Occupational Hazards 2 isn’t easy to find, although it looks there’s one on eBay.  I would scan the Matt Wagner story and make it available except I don’t know how and because is that wrong?  You can read it when you visit me, as all of you reading this eventually will.


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